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""In order to grow, We must defeat the mistakes of our past."" —Diavolo


King Crimson is the Stand of Diavolo, the main antagonist of Vento Aureo. Unlike most other Stands that deal high amounts of damage in their barrages, King Crimson mainly specializes in punches, slashes and strikes that are fatal in close-ranged combat. Combined with it's ability to erase time, this Stand can be extremely powerful when used correctly. This Stand also has fourteen palettes of itself, seven of them are Doppio King Crimsons, also known as Two Armed King Crimson.


The 2nd Stand on the Stand Select Menu

King Crimson is a powerful stand, boasting some of the best moves in the entire game. It's main gimmick, Time Erase, alters KC's Super1 and Super2, as well as negating any stun the user was in (unless the user has the BlockAll property). It's Super1 is deadly, being able to blind AND slow the enemy. It's counter is the strongest, adding an extra 25 damage to any attack, outside of it's barrage. Epitaph allows the user to dodge any attack that isn't an explosive. It's main weakness is it's range. It has the worst range in the game, with no damaging projectiles or dash moves. Stands that thrive off of zoning can easily deal with KC, and put it in it's place.

King Crimson's moveset

Type Moves & Key Description Cooldown
King Crimson will surge from the user's body.
Click Combo (Mouse 1)
King Crimson starts to punch and grunt while stabbing it's opponent with it's fists.
Cooldown depends on the amount of hits perfomed.

Standard Barrage (.2s startup)
3 Seconds

A generic heavy that breaks guard (.5s startup)
5 Seconds
King Crimson jabs out the opponent's eyes, removing half their screen for 5 seconds. Then the user skips time, teleporting to the enemy and does a directional chop which cripples the opponent for 5 seconds. (Blinds right side of screen and cuts speed in half, both hits guard-break . .5s startup)
8 Seconds

Situational Super1

Must be in Time Erase to use

If this move is used in TE, it will be a generic heavy that blurs the enemy screen. This automatically cancels TE at the .4s mark (.5s startup)
8 Seconds

A generic counter with a .35s startup. After the startup, there is a 1 second time gap to be hit. Failing the counter leaves you in stun for 3seconds. Being hit will initiate the counter and teleport behind them. (Your next move deals an extra 25 damage when you counter and you can't rush with the counter buff.)
13 Seconds

Situational Super2

Must be in Time Erase to use

If this move is used while time is being erased, King Crimson will fire a projectile that blinds. This blinds for 3.5s and slows them down for 1.75s. (.5s startup) This move also doesn't activate counters
25 Seconds

The user dodges any incoming attacks for 5 seconds. The user cannot dodge attacks if they are busy with an action or is in stun. (.5s startup)
25 Seconds

Situational Super3

"Time Erase" Must be in Stun to work

If this move is used in stun while you do not have the BlockAll property and 100 Meter, King Crimson will erase time. Cancelling out your stun and making you intangible. While you are intangible, you cannot be hit and cannot hit things. This lasts for three seconds, you can end it early by using this move again. Gold Experience Requiem can cancel out the intangibility state, putting you both back into a neutral placement.
25 Seconds

The user and King Crimson appear behind them out of seemingly nowhere and lands a devastating blow on the enemy. Dealing 40% and 15% of bleed damage over 10 seconds. Disabling regen the whole time. (1s startup, you have to FACE someone to use this move.)
30 Seconds

King Crimson's Removed Moves

Type Moves & Key Description Cooldown
King Crimson does a startup of 1.5s, doing a punch that breaks any block and does 50 damage.
30 seconds

Pros & Cons


  • King Crimson's has 2 moves that can guardbreak (3 if you count "This is the End!").
  • King Crimson's Time Erase & Epitaph (V) can almost counter every single move in the game.
  • King Crimson can still gain Time Erase bar if you use Epitaph and have people attack you(You instantly get max Time Erase if you dodge The Hand's Erasure (Z).
  • King Crimson's "The moment you see King Crimson" (X) has two phases, a punch through the enemy (First Phase) and then a slice through the neck (second slice), if you time it right, you can use it to do 12.5 damage from far away
  • King Crimson's Time Erase can avoid Killer Queen's X.
  • Gold Experience Requiem can cancel Time Erase, and bring both users (KC & GER) by 1 second.
  • If you're countered by GER and have the time erase bar, use it- GER is likely to attack while active (TE lasts longer then the counter stun) so you're safe. If they do attack, you're intangible and it sends the GER and you back to the original position, freeing you.
  • you can still use time erase if your just normal stun. (example: Parry or Counter)


  • King Crimson's "I, Diavolo am king!" (C) has a massive-stun after usage.
  • King Crimson's "This is the End!" (TE + X) will cancel TE and has a 1-second delay.
  • King Crimson's Epitaph (V) cannot avoid explosive attacks (Killer Queen).
  • King Crimson's has to do/take/block 100 damage before being able to use Time Erase (Bar).
  • King Crimson does not have any good ranged moves or any ranged moves in general.
  • King Crimson requires an immense amount of skill and experience to use.
  • King Crimson is very predictable in it's attacks.


  • Universal BnB. E (release before last hit) > LMBx4 > X > E (release before last hit) > LMBx4 > Z
  • Universal BnB with a two-hitting ender. E (release before last hit) > LMBx4 > X
  • Counter combo. C (get hit) > Z
  • TE combo. C > E (release before last hit) > LMBx4 > R/X (must be under 75 health)
  • TE combo. TE then just do Z (And now you're going to have to disappear, they can't attack you but you can attack them)
  • E > LMBx4 > Z. (Not True)
  • Possible combo: E > LMBx4 > X > E > LMBx4 > R


  • King Crimson's ex-ultimate was a place-holder for it's current ultimate.
  • King Crimson's ex-ultimate used to be able to guardbreak
  • Before Epitaph was added, it was called "This is the End!"
  • "This is The End!" move is now only accessible in Time Erase
  • Clown Crimson is the first skin that cannot be unlocked by default, you had to join on April First 2021, to get the skin
  • Previously, King Crimson did not need a bar to activate Time Erase
  • Previously, King Crimson had an placeholder ultimate. It's name was "You have genuinely angered me!" And it just was a heavy punch that dealt 50 damage.

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